SEA2SEA have three cohorts of businesses.

SEA2SEA EQUIPMENT carry on international trading for our client as well as our own project equipment procurement, we are distributors of more than twenty numbers of marine equipment range from pipe fitting, instrument, machinery to complex propulsion equipment. We are looking for the best combination of equipment for marine and offshore project. For mooring equipment and life saving equipment, we can offer reliable China origin and Korea origin product to catering your project need, it is all of your taste! For outfitting and deck machineries, our Korean made equipment can meet your requirement with reliable quality and competitive price, the international standard and worldwide part availability will give NO WORRY behind even the price is so good! We provide valve and pipe fitting at your choice; our international network and partner from china, korea and other countries will meet the different Quality and Standard requirement.

SEA2SEA AIR SYSTEM Our design and production engineers have more than ten years of experience in marine HVAC. They have proven record for various marine project ranges from Tugboat, Container Ship, FPSO, Oil Rig and Sea Hotel. We are using the best Air-Conditioning Unit driving bt branded CPU.